Alice Joyce


Dreams Just Dreams Sheet Music with Alice Joyce 
Dreams, Just Dreams

Words by R.N. Doore

Music by Richard Howard

Alice Joyce

Ted Garton Music Co.
Music Publishers
The House of Harmony Hits
181 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

Alice Joyce promotional postcard from Kalem

ALICE JOYCE   (Kalem Players)

Alice Joyce postcard advertising the Monroe Theatre in Chicago

(Reverse of the Alice Joyce Kalem postcard)

Monroe Theatre

55th St. at Kimbark Ave.

Best Movies in Hyde Park

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The Monroe Theatre at

Alice Joyce in A PRINCESS OF THE HILLS (1912)

Alice Joyce in IN WOLF'S CLOTHING (1914)

Alice Joyce in THE THIRD DEGREE (1919)

Alice Joyce in THE SPORTING DUCHESS (1920)

Alice Joyce in DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING (1925)

Alice Joyce in DANCING MOTHERS (1926)

Alice Joyce in SO'S YOUR OLD MAN (1926)

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