An Aerial Joy Ride (1917)

Annette Defoe and Raymond Griffith in AN AERIAL JOYRIDE (1917)

4-9 Annette DeFoe and Raymond Griffith

 AN AERIAL JOY RIDE (Two parts -- Foxfilm comedy -- April 30) -- The cast: The Inventor (Joe Swickard); His Daughter (Annette De Foe); Her Beau (George Uttal); Government Officil (Jack Abbott); Master Crook (H. Moody); Boob Crook (Ray Griffith). Directed by Walter Reed.

At the start we have an inventor, and a foreign spy who is disguised as a janitor. The inventor has completed an aerial torpedo which is controlled by wireless. The janitor-spy is trying to steal it. He blows up the workshop several ties but the inventor is not worried. He doesn't even stop i nventing.

Finally the janitor accidentally discovers the wireless waves that controls the torpedo. He turns on the "juice" and the torpedo starts its cruise, ultimately destroying the workshop, the inventor, the spy and everybody else.

Then another inventor appears with a new torpedo. He is surrounded by foreign spies and the things that happen in his workshop bear a strong resemblance to the mental disturbances that mark a long standing case of delirium tremens. -- Moving Picture World, May 12, 1917, p. 1019

with Josef Swickard, Annette DeFoe and Raymond Griffith. Directed by Charles Reed. Fox.

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