Theato (5th Street) Theatre, Richmond, Virginia, USA - May 14, 1917

Theato Theatre program, Richmond, Virginia, May, 14 1917


Cor. 5th and Broad Sts.     Open 9:30 Every Morning
Other Good pictures Each Day

Monday, May 14th
"The Undertow" 5-part Mutual Masterpicture with Helen Rosson and Franklin Ritchie
Cub Comedy with Billie Rhodes

Tuesday, May 15th
"The Secret of the Submarine"
with Thomas Chatterton and Juanita Hansen.
"A False Clue" 2 parts with Dorothy Davenport
Falstaff comedy

Wednesday, May 16th
Helen Holmes in "A Lass of the Lumberlands"
A 2-part Vogue comedy with Rube Miller
J. Warren Kerrigan in a western drama

Thursday, May 17th
"Three Ways Out" 2 acts with Harry Dunkinson.
"Father and Son" Selig drama
Ham comedy

Friday, May 17th
"Desertion and Support" Marguerite Clayton and Edward Arnold
"The Trial Run" Hazards of Helen
"Grant, Police Reporter"
Essanay Comedy

Saturday, May 19th
"The American Girl" with Marin Sais.
Selig Comedy.
"The Footlight Lure" with Mary Anderson
Vim Comedy

Ladies' Prize Matinee Every Tuesday 3:30 P.M.

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Pauline Frederick theater advertisement card

Pauline Frederick

Miss Fredericks (sic) holds her audience spellbound with her rare artistry. She is famously noted for her characterizations of fascinating and alluring women, as well  as for her realistic portrayals of sweet, innocent girlhood. Her many notable screen successes have won her the unqualified approval of admiring photoplay enthusiasts.

Cahill-Igoe Company, Chicago, Publishers

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