Tough Luck on a Rough Sea (1916)

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The Moving Picture Weekly, May 27, 1916, page 21

"Tough Luck on a Rough Sea" - L-KO

TWO-REEL L-KO KOMEDY, featuring Dan Russell, proves unique in every way and a guaranteed gloom dispeller.


Commodore Alimonio

Dan Russell

His Son

Sammy Burns

The Girl

Carmoll (sic) Meyers

IS it polite to tell your son's fiancee that the man of her choice is subject to chronic measles?  It is polite to try to grab off your son's fiancee?  It is polite to shove your poor old Dad out to sea?  And is it polite to shove another guy overboard because you think he knows something about you?  Decidedly not.

But the gentlemen concerned in this tale of the roaring main were neither polite nor well mannered.  On the contrary there were positively downright rude and overbearing, and it was q question who wsa the rudest.  Anyway, the son who did all the above dirty work, took passage to escape the consequences of a little crime of his.  The ship, however, picked up the father he had set adrift, and father was in a rip roaring frame of mind and thanked heaven he had lived for vengeance.  Son might have stayed safely hidden in his stateroom, but there was a wild sea that night and son got pitched right in on top of father.  The scene that followed between father and son had be be left untold.  Suffice to say that the storm got heavier and the ship went down.  Father and son forgot their enmity in trying to get into a life boat.  Unfortunately the Captain said "women first" and father and his off-spring tried to impersonate ladies to save their skins.  They were very poor female impersonators, however, and the Captain's spare eye was their downfall.  Anyway the life boat went down safely, but the ship didn't.  She went down unsafely, and father, son and another female impersonator went with her.  The only pleasant thing about the who afair was the girl's escape.  She got away in a life boat and made eyes at a strange gentleman, who afterwards married her and with whom she lived happily ever after.

with Dan Russell, Sammy Burns, and Carmel Meyers.  Directed by unknown.  L-KO/Universal.

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