A Kiss for Susie (1917)

Elinor Hancock, Tom Forman and Vivian Martin in A KISS FOR SUSIE (1917)

Elinor Hancock, Tom Forman, and Vivian Martin

Caption: "Who is this girl?"

A Paramount Picture

Pallas Pictures presents Vivian Martin in "A Kiss for Susie" (c) 1917

Vivian Martin, Tom Forman, Jack Nelson and Pauline Perry in A KISS FOR SUSIE (1917)

Vivian Martin, Tom Forman, Jack Nelson and Pauline Perry

Caption: "The Nolans Can Spend their Own Money"

A Paramount Picture

Pallas Pictures presents Vivian Martin in "A Kiss for Susie" (c) 1917

Vivian Martin and Tom Forman in A KISS FOR SUSIE (1917)

PL4-11 Vivian Martin and Tom Forman

Picture Play Magazine, November 1917,p. 101

The Screen in Review
by Alan Dale

"A Kiss for Susie"

THE mere title "A Kiss for Susie" suggests the picture's star. Who can receive a kiss as reluctantly as Miss Vivian Martin? What kissed girl can look as amazed, as surprised, as coy, as bashful, as saccharine, and as fawnlike as Miss Vivian Martin? Who can regard a kiss as so epoch-making, so awe-inspiring, and so "fraught with significance" as Miss Vivian Martin? Answer: nobody.

Some picture heroines are simply made to be kissed, either righteously or wickedly, and at the top of that class Miss Vivian Martin must surely be placed. To see her-in the pictures-is to kiss her. And at first she is shocked at the kiss, and then-her pretty face lights up as she discovers that it is a good thing.

In "A Kiss for Susie" she is the daughter of a bricklayer, and a very good bricklayer, too. The lad who loves her is a very rich lad, as all lads should be, but, alas are not! In order to win her, he poses as a hodcarrier, certainly un unromantic disguise for a wooer. His mother has social aspirations for him, with Newport as a base of action, but what cares he? He loves the bricklayer's daughter. Is it not simple? It is. Is is simple, but sweet.

Later Susie gets rich by means of a legacy, and the bricklayer's family moves into opulent quarters. Then you see sweet Susie "elegantly" gowned, but no happier. What are mere dollars to sweet Susie? The main situation in which Susie figures is one of finance. See that dollars mean unhappiness, she plans to induce her father to invest in the stock market and to let him believe that he has lost all. This scheme succeeds in bringing the picture to its ideal end, and Susie marries the lad who posed as the hodcarrier.

Miss Vivian Martin worked very hard indeed, and made the most of everything allotted to her. She was sweeter than usual, if that be possible. In one scene she had to get awfully mad, and to see little Vivian flinging the plates from the table and indulging in riotous tantrums was quite worth the price of admission.

Why do girls get kissed? Ask Vivian Martin.

Exhibitor's Herald, August 25, 1917, page 26

Vivian Martin in
Pallas-Paramount comedy-drama; five parts; published August 2

As a whole ..... Entertaining
Story ..... Old but with a new twist
Star .....Excellent
Support ..... Fine
Settings .....Very Good
Photography ..... Clear

"A Kiss for Susie" would be just as sweet under any other name. In face the title in this instance means nothing and has absolutely nothing to do with the story. The winsome Vivian Martin wends her way through the story and wins new laurels for herself. A capable company, including Tom Forman, surrounds her and the director has worked into the picture many amusing touches, which pleased Chicago audiences immensely. Especially was this true of the face-out of a pair of white kid shoes Lizzie has in mind when she has to pay her board. The subtitles are very good and full of "punch" and the story hold from start to finish.

The story: While the male members of the Nolan family bring home the money, Susie keeps house and tries to fill them with food. A wealthy uncle dies and leaves the bricklayer fifty thousand pounds of gold. The Nolans move into better quarters and fall in with a chap set. Susie sees the ruin the money is bringing to her brother, sister and father and succeeds in getting them to invest it in supposedly poor stock. The venture fails and they suppose themselves penniless, until Susie's beau returns the money which he has invested in securities to take care of the family for life. A pretty love theme runs through the tale.

Motion Picture News, August 11, 1917, p. 979


Dainty Vivian Martin Surprised Her Mother 
Will Surprise You in "A Kiss for Susie"
(Paramount Five Reel Production)

Vivian Martin, who was seen recently to such good advantage in "Forbidden Paths," playing opposite Sessue Hayakawa, will be seen on the screen of the _____ Theatre on _____ of _____ week in "A Kiss for Susie," a typical Martin production. Typical, because it places Miss Martin in a role in which she can throw convention to the four winds and give vent to her vivacious girlish nature. She impersonates the daughter of a socially ambitious mother in a different way. Instead of catering to the society "fops," as her mother would have her, she loves a real man-red-blooded and strong, and even goes so far as to carry his lunches to him. She also has an "eye" for business, and if any of you don't believe it, see how cleverly she handles business situations in "A Kiss for Susie." Susie is an authority on two things-men and finances. She does not love for society's sake bur for her own. She does not wait for some one to make money for her, she makes it herself. She is disappointing to her mother, who is socially ambitious, but in the end her mother sees the wisdom of her daughter's ways end everything ends happily-especially for Susie. Miss Martin has been given an ideal role to interpret in this, her latest picture from the Paramount studios. Her dainty little self skips through the five reels of "A Kiss for Susie" with a touch of interest for all in her every action.

Vivian Martin, in "A Kiss for Susie," will be seen at the  _____ Theatre on _____ of _____ week. A typical Martin production.

with Vivian Martin and Tom Forman. Directed by Roger Thornby. Pallas/Paramount.

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