Honest Injun (1926)

Lobby card for HONEST INJUN (1926) with Johnny Arthur

"I see you boys have been horseback riding again."

Tuxedo Comedies / Educational Pictures "The Spice of the Program"

Virginia Vance, Johnny Arthur and George Davis

Lobby card for HONEST INJUN (1926) with Johnny Arthur

Johnny seldom used his brains - he didn't have any.

Tuxedo Comedies / Educational Pictures "The Spice of the Program"

Johnny Arthur

Distributor: Educational
Producer: Educational
Length: Two Reels



Johnny Johnny Arthur
Slats George Davis
Blossom Steele Virginia Vance
The Foreman Glen Cavender
Black Bart Bob Kortman

TYPE: Western comedy.
THEME: Proving his courage.
LOCALE: A Western town.
TIME: The present

STORY: Force by his guardian a young man takes his valet and goes West t a ranch. He overhears the men planning to kidnap a girl to see whether or not he has courage. Their plans miscarry and the girl is kidnaped (sic) by a band of renegades. Believing it a joke the young man lets them get away. When he discovers his mistake he rescues the girl and captures the bad men.

HIGHLIGHTS: Young man's arrival on the ranch... Humorous incidents while on ranch.... Scene in which he overhears ranchmen plan kidnaping (sic)... Scene in which girl is really kidnaped (sic).... Her rescue by young man and his capture of bad men.

-- Exhibitor's Herald, July 17, 1926, page 57

JOHNNY ARTHUR in "Honest Injun" does as well as could be expected with the ancient material given him. The idea is the one about the young man sent to the ranch to be made a man of. Around this has beendraped a great number of gags, most of them familiar, and such merriment as the comedy raises emanates from the comedian's speed.

The apparent dearth of ideas for short feature comedies isn't genuine. The great field of burlesque isn't being exploited. Parodies upon big pictures, following the originals by a sufficient time margin, are suggested herewith at no expense to those who decide what the short comedies will be.

-- Exhibitors Herald, August 14, 1926, page 51


with Johnny Arthur, Glen Cavender and George Davis. Directed by Norman Taurog. Tuxedo/Educational.

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