Fatty's Feature Fillum (1917)


Moving Picture Weekly, March 3, 1917, page 29

L-KO Burlesque of the movies themselves in two reels, directed by Fatty Voss, under the supervision of J.G. Blystone.



Fatty Voss


Gladys Roach


Richard Smith

Fatty is the featured actor of a motion picture company.  He is dining in a restaurant when he sees a party of girls watching him, and decides to give them a treat.  He sends them a card, on which is written, "I am featured at the Bazoo."  Then he goes grandly out, trusting them to follow, which they do.  He takes up a prominent position at the box office of the theatre, and watches the nickels as they go in.

First on the screen is the "Cuckoo Weekly," with battle scenes "Nowhere in France," and the launching of the Dreadnothing, guaranteed to do 470 knots per--haps, in which the bottle of champagne crashes throug the hull when it is broken against it.  Then come the latest styles from "Vug," which close the weekly.  Then comes the great feature film, "Sunshine and Shadows."  Egbert calls on his sweetheart, Blanche, little dreaming that a vulture is following in his wake.  Desmond the villain has seen the maiden and is scheming to possess her.  He goes to work to get hold of the mortgage on her home, in true villainous fashion, and then force her father to give him the girl, or he will take away their home.  Egbert is outmanoeuvred at every turn, and the villain seizes the girl.  So he goes to the side of the stream to commit his shriveled carcass to the waters.

The villain's cigarette sets fire to the house just at the critical moment, and the smoke is blown to Fatty.  He suspects the trouble, and rushes to her assistance.  He rescues her just in time.  As the picture runs its exciting course, Fatty is seated in the audience between the two charmers of the restaurant, and explains the fine points to them, leading the applause at all the thrilling places.

with Fatty Voss, Gladys Roach and Richard Smith.  Directed by Fatty Voss.  IMP/Universal.

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