The Dream Ship (1914)

JIM (1914)

Reel Life, June 13, 1914, page 14


Eugene Field's Poem Exquisitely Picturized by the Beauty Players.

June 16, 1914


Jeune Coeur, a friendless lad

Harry Pollard

Viridis, Martius' daughter

Margarita Fischer

Martius, captain of the King's Guards

Joseph Harris

Solitare, the King

Fred Gamble

Sans Culottes, the beggar

Frank Cooley

One night, the Spirit of Dreams, passing over the palace of a great king, found therein a terrible state of affairs.  Force ruled.  No one could get any one's else (sic) point of view.  Old age tyrannized over youth.  Love was mere plunder for the highest bidder.  True love languished in a dungeon.  Nobody was happy -- not even the lustful old king who was having everything his own way.

So the Spirit of Dreams threw a dream rose to the king, and he dreamed that he was a penniless beggar, wandering the world.  Then, Viridis, the daughter of the captain of the King's Guards, stole away from the king's chamber which was hateful to her, and sought Jeune Coeur, a friendless lad whom she had met at the palace gate that morning and loved instantly.  He lay in the dark hold where the King had ordered.  And to him also, the Spirit had flung a rose heavy with the perfume of dreams.  He dreamed of knighthood and mighty deeds, and that he saved the life of the king.

And Sans Culottes, a beggar, huddled on the white marble steps of the sleeping palace, was dreaming that he was the King.  Rare viands and old wines were his for the asking.  But as for fair ladies -- these were less to his taste.  So he willingly allowed Jeune Coeur to wander through the gardens, courting Viridis, the captain's daughter.

When the King awoke the next morning, he lay in his bed of state -- still a king.  But the heart of the beggar, dreaming that he was the King, had changed places with his own heart.  He put on his velvet breakfast cap and his jacket embroidered with swallows, and went to let the friendless lad out of the hold.  He roused the beggar on the steps and made him a courtier of the palace.  Then he called to him Jeune Coeur and Viridis, who were wandering in the gardens, and joined their right hands and gave his blessing to their marriage.

with Harry Pollard, Margarita Fischer, and Joseph Harris.  Directed by Harry Pollard.  American/Mutual.

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