In the Mountains of Kentucky (1910)

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A DOUBLE ELOPEMENT   Tuesday November 1st

A Refined Comedy of Complications and Mistakes Which are Finally Righted and End Happily in the Marriage of the Elopers, With the Blessing of the Old Folks. Length, 999 Feet.

TWO young girls and two young men each in love with the other. The two girls are "Daisies," Daisy White and Daisy Brown. Jack Larkin is in love with Daisy White, and Tom Durkin is in love with Daisy Brown. The young couples plan an elopement and both hit upon the same means of eluding their parents and circumventing the objections of the girls' parents. Miss White agrees to meet Jack at a certain point and by coincidence Miss Brown agrees to meet Tom at the same place.

Each one of the young couples, unknown to the other, dress in long auto coats and goggles. The girls leave notes for their parents and go out to meet their lovers. Daisy White gets to the place of meeting, in the darkness and hurry Tom Durkin comes with his auto, thinks she is Miss Brown, and takes her into the car and they speed on their way to the hotel at Marshallton. Jack larkin now appears, picks up Daisy Brown, thinking she is Miss White, and makes haste to the Marshallton Hotel. In the meantime Mrs. White and Mr. Brown discover the elopement of their daughters and make a hot chase after the two girls.

Mrs. White reaches the hotel, goes to the room where Miss Brown and Jack have learned their mistake, and she finds Daisy Brown instead of her daughter. She makes haste to get on the trail again as soon as possible and decamps. Mr. Brown reaches the hotel, finds Miss White with Tom, who have also discovered their mistake. Old Brown is chagrined and disappointed at not finding his daughter, resumes the hunt and gets away as quickly as he can.

Jack hears the talk in the next room where Tom and Daisy White are, and he and Daisy Brown go in, and the four of them hasten to the nearest church, where they are married.

Just as they are leaving the church they find Mr. Brown and Mrs. White seated on the doorsteps exhausted, defeated in their efforts to prevent the marriages. They forgive the young folks, happily accept the situation and make their ways back home arm in arm.

From The Film Index, November 5, 1910, page 17

Unknown cast. Directed by <unknown>. Vitagraph/General Film.

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