Damaged Goods (1918)

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 synopsis for DAMAGED GOODS (1918)

Lyons-Moran Star Comedy.


Sidney Sellers

Lee Moran

His Wife

Grace Marvin

Bennie Byers

Eddie Lyons

His Wife 

Hazel Page

LEE’S wife, and experienced bargain-bug, dons shin guardsand other means of physical protection and hastens away to a bargain sale,leaving Lee to go to his office in a huff. Eddie, an out-of-town merchant whohas come to buy goods of Lee, arrives in town with his wife. The wife goes insearch fo bargains while Eddie seeks the office of Lee. He and Lee accidentallymeet on the street and Lee steps through Eddie’s ?w straw hat, which has blownoff. A battle ensues, the two parting without knowledge of each other’sidentity.

Meanwhile the two wives, also wholly unknown each to theother, meet at a bargain sale and come to hair pulling and blows over amutually coveted hat.

Eddie and Lee meet in Lee’s office and the battle is aboutto start all over again when they realize that they have more important businessto transact, and laugh off the argument. Le invites Eddie and his wife to hishome to dinner that night.

Eddie and his wife arrive at Lee’s house. Lee admits them,and leaves Mrs. Eddie to wait for Mrs. Lee to appear, and takes Eddie into thekitchen to have a little nip before dinner. While the two men are thus engagedMrs. Lee comes out and meets Mrs. Eddie, with whom whe battled at the bargainsale. A battle royal starts all over again, but after a general mixup, in whichthe police join, all ends well.

From The Moving Picture Weekly, August 17, 1918, page 30.

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 page for BUSINESS BEFORE HONESTY (1918)

with Lee Moran and Eddie Lyons. Directed by Eddie Lyons and Lee Moran. Universal.

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