Broke Again (1927)

Lobby card for BROKE AGAIN (1927) with Joe Murphy and Fay Tincher



Joe Murphy, Bud Jamison, and unknown

Two-Reel Gump Comedy

ANDY GUMP, broker, is wiped out in a stock slump and hunts for a job. He is engaged as the "Inquiring Reporter" on a newspaper and instructed to ask the citizens what they think of marriage. He calls on Peggy Brown, who has been married six times and is supposed to be an authority on the subject. Peggy has just thrown her husband out of the apartment after breaking a number of dishes over his head.

Gump enters just in time to have a flower pot broken on his bald spot, but peggy apologizes and tries to right matters by treating him to her husband's cigars and wine. The husband returns, see Andy with his wife and throws him out.

Andy see a fire across the street. He runs up the ladder and attempts to photograph the fireman performing a rescue. The fireman knocks him to the opposite balcony where Gump climbs in the first window and finds himself again in Peggy's apartment facing the angry husband. The latter battles him on the balcony while the firemen hold the life net below. Gump is thrown from the balcony and just misses the net.

-- Universal Weekly, September 10, 1927, page 39

with Joe Murphy, Fay Tincher, and Billy Butts. Directed by Erle C. Kenton. Ronkel/Universal.

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