Battle of the Sexes (1927)

Jean Hersholt and Belle Bennett in BATTLE OF THE SEXES (1928)

Jean Hersholt, Belle Bennett

Jean Hersholt and Phyllis Haver in BATTLE OF THE SEXES (1928)

Caption: "The Battle of the Sexes," D.W. Griffith's new United Artists picture, presents a story of life as the average American family knows it.  Jean Hersholt plays the part of the father and Phyllis Haver appera as the vamp who has blonde hair and everything.  Other prominent in the cast are Belle Bennett, Sally O'Neil and Don Alvarado.

Coming to the United Artists Theater Wednesday Sept. 19th.

with Jean Hersholt, Phyllis Haver, Belle Bennett, Don Alvarado, and Sally O'Neill. Directed by D.W. Griffith. United Artists.

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